The simplicity of it all...

It's simple ... to bring a different atmosphere for a decorator? Some people say yes, but I have to admit that this for this change my husband Peter is completely responsible and that it was anything but simple ... he felt the need to make the atmosphere in the room airy without being boring about it, because that was what I was most afraid of....I think he succeeded, despite my doubts ! Obviously nothing is forever and maybe there will be a lot more color again in the near future. We did have a lot of color in the past, so this is definitely not a point of no you might think. I know that a lot of decorators hate working with these colorscemes, but we gladly accept any challenge !
I must also say that more and more customers do fall back on those subtle colors that some years ago were so popular, even though they were more warm white tones. Now, more and more of almost snowwhite to icy blue and green tones are chosen to combine. We are going to combine the sofa with some special print cushions, but for the moment is is already good as it step at a time...

simple and white linnen stores and decoration at a clients appartment


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