Inspiration for fall decorating

Since more than 20 years, every time we decorate at our clients homes, we get great response of our clients and we still feel privileged every time because our customers give us this opportunity.
Many customers ask us to finish their interior with objects to complete the overall look and often we have to work around existing object and furniture. It takes tremendous energy to compose a personal proposal ready for the customer.
Fortunately, they give us their full confidence and the achieved results are always satisfying  ! 
Sadly I do not always find the time to take pictures and frankly I do not always want to violate their privacy.
Despite that fact,from time to time I do take some pictures of impressions and given approval of the clients to publish. 
Therefore, I sincerely want to thank them for this privilege and I hope that they will like the following results !

Hope you enjoy my pictures & get inspired too !

All the following decorations, furniture, reupholstery and curtains are provided by us.
Pictures are all taken by me at the homes of several clients.

project  in Belgium

Table, objects and reupholstery of an existing footstool


Project in the Netherlands

sofa,curtains, carpet an seat

sofa, seat,curtains, cushions, carpet, coffeetable

Project in Belgium
tablecloth,carpet, decoration and lamp

lamp and decoration

consoletable, decoration and lamp


decoration and painting

sofa and cushions

seat and carpet

reupholstery of existing armchairs


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