My new webshop

My webshop is a fact....
It has been a while again...summer has past so fast and me and my family really enjoyed the wonderful weather we had. But I've been busy....I had so many demands of my readers to buy decoration they've seen on my pictures the last few months, that I've decided to start a webshop. The most common problem was that people often asked for product that were already sold. With a webshop this problem should be solved. I must admit that I have hesitated some time to go through with it, but eventually I made ​​the decision does take a whole organization to start this: planning, cataloging all the products and above: how to deliver? But I still made ​​the decision to go through with it. For the time being I am still handling the problem of delivery abroad, but I am confident that I will find a solution.I still have to catalog a lot of products..  Meanwhile you can already have a look.
Let me know what you think about it..I am very curious....
Have a wonderful evening


  1. I am very much attached with traditional or you may say 'ancient' interior home decor products..
    I love to decor house in traditional way..

  2. Nice blog! I really love the way you share on your idea about this field for sure majority of all reader really love this too.

    Home Interior

  3. These ancient interior decors makes me feel like I'm living in Greek gods' era. Brushed metal pieces are really vintage and classy.


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