Moving around.....again....

Dear readers,
                     The last few weeks we had such bad weather here in Belgium . Spring seemed to take  for ever to arrive and working in the garden was not an option... So we made ​​a virtue of necessity and took the opportunity to chance the upstairs private rooms ...again.... Since quiet some time we felt the need to extend our dining area and as you can see, we moved a little bit around with our furniture....We moved our dining room to the former sitting area and made our sitting area back in front of the fireplace(where it once was...)The former dining room became a working area. We now feel as if we have more space and feel quiet happy with the results.We also painted the inside of our dutch cabinet in a green-blue lime paint.
                    At the bay window we installed our antique chaise-longue. It's a perfect place to read a book, as we have a lot of natural light coming in there. As you can see, we also put a lot of green objects around to add an extra color touch and it works ! See for yourself in the next pictures and let me know what you think about it.
I wish you all a wonderful and very sunny weekend !

detail in the dutch cabinet in the dining room

dutch cabinet inside 

detail in the cabinet

our new dining room
objects in the dining room

objects in the dining room

our new working area
antique desk in the working area

sitting room

objects in the sitting area

sitting area : fauteuil and stools
chaise longue in the bay window area

detail on the antique vigneron table


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  2. I love the cozy colors and subtle lighting of your room! The whole feel just makes you want to curl up on the cozy recliners with a good book and just chill out and enjoy the day! You have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing!


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