Dear readers,
I've got some worrying mails from readers who thought I would give up blogging....I know: I don't post a lot, but you have to give me some credit because I run a business as well as a family...
Meanwhile I also like to cook and enjoy to spend some quality time with my family would you forgive me please ? But do not worry, your patience is rewarded....: here I am with some new pictures !

One other important reason was also that we changed our private rooms/showroom on the second floor as well, which also took a lot of time too.... everything has been repainted and provided with new curtains to create a more spacious and airy feeling. Before the color range was more in the aubergine tones which was also very nice, but now we chose slightly muted, softer colors. We also decided to create a snuggle corner in front of our fire place to where, as you can see, we moved the dutch cabinet. It is now a place to sit, read and enjoy a good glass of wine when the evenings get colder...
Hope you enjoy !

second floor new look
 second floor before the transformations

second floor new look

second floor new look

second floor new look

second floor new look

snuggle corner in front of our fire place/work desk at the back

view over the snuggle corner from our private work desk
detail on the second floor

showroom first floor

showroom first floor


  1. Alles, maar dan ook alles wat ik zie vind ik GEWELDIG!
    Echt heel mooi, groetjes Judith

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  3. I love your work of art. Your style is definitive, trendy and make a room quite comfy. I love the warm ambiance of a room after you have done your work. I love the furniture and the home decors you have chosen, especially with the big jars that protect the candle, it's so classy. Can't wait for you to post more. Thanks for sharing!

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