Have a fine weekend !

Dear readers...I feel almost ashamed for waiting so long to let you know some news from me....So to make it right I give you some pictures off our showroom as it is right now. We are looking out for spring to come, as we can not wait to get the garden ready to enjoy again....I promise not to wait so long for the next post....
Have a good weekend !
Nice soft & tender colors to announce the spring.....

Lounge- chair for long summer evenings....


  1. Beautiful images, we are all anticipating spring and the lovely flowers that will be in bloom as well as warmer weather! Thank you for sharing. Sharon

  2. Het was het wachten waard! Bedankt voor het delen van deze mooie showroomplaatjes!
    Jij ook een fijn weekend, groetjes Judith

  3. Beautiful pictures! I really really like the fresh splash of color from the tulips. I wish I could fins such accessories here in New England!


  4. You have done very nicely decorate your house. Its looks really very beautiful and very simple. I also like to my house re- interior. So your post very helpful for me.

  5. wow what a relaxing interior design, nice job!


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