For the design of our sofas and chairs, we work with a renowned Belgian studio. Each design can be  manufactured according to the wishes of the customer and therefore provides a personal design. We have an extensive range of fabrics , as well as a wide variety of models. Moreover, the customer can choose  for fixed upholstery or loose cover.  Also for the refurbishing of existing seating you can contact us. 

fauteuil 2 with slipcover

fauteuil 2 with according footstool

Fauteuil 2  & according footstool with slipcover

fauteuil 2 with according footstool - slipcover

fauteuil 2 fixed upholstery
fauteuil 3 -fixed upholstery

fauteuil 3 with slipcover

fauteuil 1 fixed upholstery

Bergère 1

Bergère 2

sofa 4 with  fixed upholstery

sofa 4 with Belgian linnen slipcover 

sofa 1 with slipcover

sofa 1 with slipcover
Sofa 2 + 3
sofa2 + 3

sofa 3

sofa 2 

sofa 2

sofa 2

sofa 4
sofa ° 4

sofa ° 4 detail

sofa ° 4 detail

sofa 5

sofa 6 with slipcover

chaise longue

Os de mouton chair

stool Os De Mouton with loose cover

os de mouton chairs with slipcover

chair Maya
Bench made to measure fixed upholstery

Os de mouton  oak chair with arms & slipcover

Chair Home

Chair Maya 

Bench with loose cover



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