zondag 8 maart 2015

Ready For Spring !


color ! in  our showroom
photo credit: Sabine Meiresone
Iris Apfel Collection
photo resource here
Fashion, art and interior are irrevocably linked. They affect each other in the broadest sense of meaning. There are many designers who indeed have designed their own interior line, and with success! The trendsetter here must undoubtedly be Ralph Lauren. His interiors have long been the inspiration for many of us ..... We have worked for years in the fashion industry and the establishment of our interior design company was actually a logical result. We still follow the fashion and although we do not create 'trendy' interiors , we do get influenced unconsciously  by fashion. Not only fashion but also art or an exhibition is for us a source of inspiration. For example last week we went to the exhibition of Dries Van Noten at Momu in Antwerp with works by Yves Klein, Thierry De Cordier, Victor Vasarely, Damien Hirst, Cecily Brown, Pol Bury, Christopher Wool, Hubert Duprat, Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko and James Tissot.. A stunning retrospective of the work of this inspiring fashion designer from Antwerp with worldwide fame. Look at the video here and enjoy a preview....
I took a lot of pictures there and would like to share them with you. Last weeks we've also been very busy updating our showroom. Hope you like our new look?
Enjoy and hope to see you soon again...
Flowers in our showroom
photo credit: Sabine Meiresone

Jackie Kennedy lost her husband in a horrible way, she held his head in her lap, yet continued to capture the hearts of Americans everywhere. Admiration.
Jackie Kennedy: pretty in pink !
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color input
photo credit: Sabine Meiresone
Color !

Dries Van Noten at Momu - photo resource here


Work of Cecily Brown- photo resource here

Beautiful details.
collection 'Marchesa'
photo resource here

Dries Van Noten at Momu Antwerp- photo credit : Sabine Meiresone

Dries Van Noten at Momu Antwerp- photo credit Sabine Meiresone

Dries Van Noten at Momu Antwerp- photo credit : Sabine Meiresone


dinsdag 30 december 2014

New Year's wishes

Dear readers,
Christmas Eve was as usual very nice & cozy. A quiet evening with our family and good food .... that's all we need. I foresee that preparations are done the day before so that  on Christmas Eve  I can spend my time with the family instead of in the kitchen .... For the last day of the year we will create the same atmosphere, but it is even still relaxer because we have no guests, although we always provide a beautifully decorated table in an intimate atmosphere.
On these last days of 2014 , I want to thank you all for the lovely comments and compliments that I received about my blog. As last year, once again we've got a lot of new clients through the blog and that alone is worth mentioning here because we are always grateful to be able to meet new people.
I am aware that I should post more, but I always try to make sure to take my time to make the posts and unfortunately I can not always provide the necessary time. Maybe it'll work better in 2015 ....
Anyhow , I want to show you some pictures of Christmas eve. For the decoration of our table this year we've chosen a combination of purple and green tones, which in my opinion was very successful ...
Remains for me to wish you a very nice end of year
and for 2015:
* Take good care for yourself and your loved ones
* Follow all your dreams and wishes
* Embrace changes
* Be thankful for the little things
* Dare and take occasional risks
* Get inspired
* Never give up
* Take care of your body and soul
* Give lots of love and expect nothing in return..
*Enjoy your interior....
Lots of love



See you again in 2015 ....


vrijdag 12 december 2014

Preparing for Christmas
The last weeks have been very busy for us, there were a lot of projects to finish and for the next week, there are still a lot of appointments on the schedule .... but meanwhile the Christmas feelings are beginning to come. I look forward to next week: monday the christmastree  will be delivered and we can start decorating .... I already found some ideas  on the internet. Perhaps they also inspire you to realize a wonderful Christmas atmosphere ....
Hope You enjoy....
Lots of love
Rustic & formal at once
rustic table setting
source here
cozy Christmas table setting
source here

On the morning of Christmas eve, I need my cup of tea.....
source here

simple door decoration: Always works
source here

Fragrant,Festive and Easy.
festive, fragrant & decorative
source here

LOVING | TheyAllHateUs Let 's get champagne !
source here
Armani Fall 2013
dressing up for Christmas eve....
source here

Nice & simple table decoration !
nice and simple table decoration
source here
Sterling silver and monogrammed linens
Must have for Christmas: linnen napkins and silver...
source here

simple oregano wreath
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maandag 4 augustus 2014

Fresh start....
Afther a 3 weeks summer holiday, this week we are back on track....I must admit: it feels a bit strange to come back into our daily routine, especially since we enjoyed fantastic weather...
To keep the feeling of summer a little bit longer we've decided to keep the atmosphere in our showroom to be fresh and cool...I must say that we started this look in spring and as all our customers really appreciate it, we've decided to continue in the same atmosphere.  To inspire you, here are some pictures of the showroom as it is now.
Also check my webshop for more nice objects, lamps... here 
Hope you enjoy !

old eastern console and a new painting
detail of decoration

my new working table ! Me Lucky girl....
My new working table in new oak, based on a old winetable


some nice new pieces of decoration

a nice new dining chair

new bench in light blue fabric